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Are you suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, M.E., or chronic pain? Have you ever asked yourself, "why can't I just feel better"? Ever wondered how you could manage all of your fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms simultaneously while restoring your declining vitality? Have you ever considered energy healing?


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The energy healing treatment featured here by Chi Energy 4 Vitality is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. We are not doctors. It is intended as a complementary energy healing therapy. When using energy healing, or any form of alternative medicine, you should always continue to seek and follow the advice of your qualified medical practitioner.

Hello, and welcome to the most unique energy healing service on the net; Chi Energy 4 Vitality.

Here we offer the first comprehensive chi energy based fibromyalgia treatment.

Our treatment for fibromyalgia is so simple, yet effective, that we call it the Zen of fibromyalgia treatment.

Treatment of the ailing is a wondrous and venerable responsibility. A responsibility taken very seriously here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality.Energy Healing

It was in this spirit that Chi Energy 4 Vitality was created; as a healing resource for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (C.F.S.), and myalgic encephalomyelitis and myalgic encephalopathy (M.E.) patients in need of dynamic regenerative treatment.

Our alternative medicine is an energy medicine comprised of a unique mix of structured chi energy healing blended with spiritual healing.

Our spiritual & energy healing treatment has been designed to optimize the energy anatomy of those who suffer from fibromyalgia, C.F.S., chronic pain, depression, M.E., and all chronic illnesses with a pronounced fatigue and pain component.

Our dynamic fibromyalgia treatment exceeds all other natural fibromyalgia treatments because fibromyalgia is primarily an energy body (biofield or aura) issue and should be treated as such.

Like all good energy healing, our treatment removes energy blockages from your energy anatomy.

However, unlike most other energy healing methods, we take your healing several steps further.

First, we enhance your overall chi energy (vital power) thereby boosting your body's ability to heal itself.

Second, the spiritual healing component of our structured chi energy treatment allows healing to be initiated at the highest level of your energy body. 

Spiritual healing engages your deep mind in the healing process thereby enhancing effectiveness.

It induces relaxation and calms the mind allowing for very deep healing.                      

Lastly, or dynamic fibromyalgia treatment is comprised of structured chi energy.

Structured chi energy is means chi energy specifically programmed for the task at hand.

Structured chi energy allows for the treatment of multiple chronic illness symptoms simultaneously within your energy body.

What really sets our dynamic fibromyalgia treatment apart from other fibromyalgia treatments is that we provide you with a strong measure of vitality.

Here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality, our treatment strategy is simple; we provide you with structured chi energy in abundance.

We supply you with a continuous flow of structured chi energy via our Vitality Pass transfer diagram.

Our dynamic regenerative fibromyalgia treatment has been structured to diminish and manage the many symptoms of fibromyalgia, (C.F.S.), and M.E.


From an energy healing perspective, fibromyalgia is at the top of the severe chronic illness pyramid.

There are so many symptoms associated with this syndrome that an effective dynamic regenerative treatment for fibromyalgia is literally a global dynamic treatment for all chronic illnesses with similar symptoms such as C.F.S. and M.E.

In fact, there are so many fibromyalgia symptoms that the only to safely address them is energetically. 

What we offer here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality is cutting edge energy based alternative medicine.


So, here we are. All of us, existing in an ocean of subtle energy often called prana, qi, chi, bio energy, or life force.

Due to our materialistic life styles, and our habitual limited concept of life, we barely, if ever, notice this fact.

Chi energy encompasses the entire universe as well as the whole of humanity.

This subtle energy, or life force, resides in the air you breathe and vitalizes your food. Chi energy vitalizes your body and your body uses the chi energy.

The fact that we all have chi energy permeating our very existence would lead one to ask that if this is so, how is it that so many of us lack vitality, the very essence of chi energy in the first place? 

Why should you ever need energy healing, spiritual healing, or any form of energy medicine for that matter?

Perhaps the answer to this question is that we have cut ourselves off from our natural chi energy sources by damaging our immediate and extended environments.

We also lead complicated energy draining life styles that stress us, often to the brink of collapse.

Your preoccupation with fears and personal concerns blinds you to the importance of the vital power moving around and through you, and therefore you ignore it.

While there are certainly exceptions to this scenario, the vast majority of humanity, especially in the west, are oblivious to the very existence of chi energy.

In fact the ignorance runs so deep that many think that an energy drink will compensate you for your declining vitality.

As a consequence, your vitality and well being eventually suffer a decline.

This decline can be so subtle that before you realize what is happening you have become chronically ill.

Your quality of life, or lack thereof, becomes sustainable only by drugs.  

Chi energy is the life force which is the very foundation of your life.

When understood and properly utilized it can assist you in managing your afflictions which seem to increase with the progression of our technology.

There are many spiritual and physical disciplines, primarily of eastern origins, that promote various exercises that promise the aspirant the ability to harness and control chi energy for the purposes of attaining vibrant health.

They also claim to be able to provide you with advanced physical performance. Unfortunately, few deliver satisfactory results.

Moreover, those that do eventually deliver results often require years of disciplined study and practice for results that tend to be temporal at best.

Frankly, eastern style study and practice require far more discipline and sustained effort than the average westerner can handle, especially if you are suffering from a severe chronic illness.

Let's face it. We live in a society where convenience and ease often dictate our decisions of consumption.

We are a fast food, quick fix society.

Our preoccupation with quick fixes and convenience also applies to energy healing as a means to attaining vitality and well being.

Theory and tradition are fine, but if you are suffering from fibromyalgia, C.F.S., M.E., or chronic pain, your goal is simply to feel better.

You need relief. You need it now. You want it to be safe, and you want it to last. 

The dynamic fibromyalgia treatment provided here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality fits the bill.

Many turn to touch healing experts who can be of great help in speeding the healing process.

However, traditional energy healing methods can fall short of expectations when it comes to treating energy draining chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, M.E., and C.F.S.

The healer is only as good as the modality they employ.

There are also the issues of consistency and cost.

If you are suffering from fibromyalgia, M.E., or C.F.S., what you need is a way to quickly regain your vitality.

You need to restore the flow and balance of your natural chi energy. 

You need an effective energy healing therapy right now, and you need it to be affordable.

There is no time to wait. 

Your quality of life is at stake. 

Chi Energy 4 Vitality provides a solution.

Our dynamic restorative fibromyalgia treatment, delivered to you via our Vitality Pass transfer diagram, is an innovation in energy healing.


Here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality, energy healing is made simple.

We provide you with a dynamic restorative treatment structured for fibromyalgia and all associated illnesses.

Our dynamic fibromyalgia treatment will improve your quality of life by repatterning your biofield (aura) and enhancing your chi energy (vital power).

All you have to do is carry our Vitality Pass transfer diagram on your person, in your pocket or wallet.

That's it!

We offer potent energy & spiritual healing for the masses at an affordable price.

Distance and location are not an issue when directing potent chi energy.

We work with people throughout the world.

                                  Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment via our Vitality Pass Transfer Diagram 

VITALITY PASS (Diagrams Vary)

The Vitality Pass is our instrument of service here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality.

It's our chi energy transfer diagram(s) and the conduit for our dynamic regenerative fibromyalgia treatment formula. 

The Vitality Pass isa diagram located on a normal sized card.

This diagram serves as a structural link to our structured chi energy trend.

Structured chi energy is powerful and objective. It's biggest asset is that it can be multi tasked and directed.

By simply carrying the Vitality Pass on your person, your biofield is repatterned to address the multiple symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Most importantly, your personal chi energy, your vitality, is greatly augmented and enhanced.

Energy blockages are removed, energy centers (chakras) are stimulated, and your chi energy starts flowing as it should.

While the bio energetic flow that emanates from the Vitality Pass has been structured for the treatment of fibromyalgia, it will also work as a long term treatment for depression and pain management; two prominent fibromyalgia symptoms.

Patients suffering from chronic conditions similar to fibromyalgia such as  M.E., C.F.S., and adrenal fatigue will also benefit from exposure to our dynamic healing formula.

Those who suffer with auto immune issues will also find much needed relief.

Our treatment also improves stamina and muscle strength, crucial to fibromyalgia patients. 

Most importantly, our treatment dampens the raging fires of inflammation and boosts your immune system.

The energy healing that we offer here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality must be experienced to fully appreciate.

Our treatment is continuous and effective, providing you with an abundance of structured chi energy.

In fact, for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia which often do not respond well to traditional energy healing, you now have an edge.

Continuous exposure to our dynamic regenerative treatment is a game changer for patients suffering debilitating chronic conditions.

Our dynamic fibromyalgia treatment places an abundance of energy healing at your disposal, available for your use at your convenience twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

You'll find our treatment is far more effective than other fibromyalgia treatments, even other energy healing options.

This is because we work at the source of your illness, your energy body, providing you with a far more powerful and sustained chi energy flow. 

We provide you with the additional energy that your body needs to gradually heal and repair itself.

This is the additional energy that you can even use to push the boundaries of personal performance.


Your inherited chi energy is indspensible for your very survival.

It is the most dynamic component of your biofield which also consists of your energy centers (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians).

Chi energy is often called life force, or vital power, and is more vital to us than the air we breathe. 

If for some reason you were denied food, you could possibly survive for several weeks.

Take away water and your survival time is reduced to several days.

Take away air and you will have just minutes to live.

Take away your chi energy, your vital power, and you will cease to exist instantly.

To further illustrate this point, let's use the example of a home purchase. A fixer upper at that.

Picture a scenario where you bought this house that was a great deal for the money.

It needed three major improvements; the kitchen, bathroom, and foundation.

You decide to remodel the rooms leaving the foundation to a later date.

As time went by you neglected to repair your foundation.

One day there's a relatively mild earth quake and your house falls to pieces.

So it is with your body and chi energy. 

As your chi energy wanes, as it does with age, stress, illness, and other environmental factors, so does your quality of life.

Eventually high levels of inflammation manifest, and disease arrives.

Today this natural process is happening far earlier than it should as is evidenced by the sharp rise in chronic conditions over the last thirty tears. 

Currently there are about one hundred and thirty million Americans who are suffering from one or more chronic conditions.

Nine to fifteen million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, of which eighty to ninety percent are women.

Ninety percent of those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome are also women.

All of these patients have one thing in common. Their basic foundation for health and wellbeing, chi energy, is severely depleted and in some cases nearly exhausted.

For us here at Chi Energy 4 Vitality, healing knows neither time nor space. In fact the terms energy healing and distance healing are synonymous.

As long as you have our activated Vitality Pass transfer diagram on your person, you will be the recipient of powerful structured chi energy healing where ever you are. 

Effective and affordable fibromyalgia treatment is now available to everyone, anywhere.

Replenishing your chi energy and restoring your vitality has never been so convenient, and accessible.

I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

While you are here, you may as well take our dynamic fibromyalgia treatment for a test drive.

Also, please be sure to check out our articles, especially our natural remedies for fibromyalgia article, for treatment strategies and other energy healing information.

Brace yourself!

You are about to become enlightened! 





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