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How is your fibromyalgia treatment strategy working for you? You're not alone. Millions are struggling to manage their fibromyalgia. Have you ever wondered how you could diminish all of your fibromyalgia symptoms simultaneously while restoring your declining vitality? Fortunately there's an answer.

 The Shocking Truth About Fibromyalgia Treatment |

The Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment service featured here is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. We are not doctors. It is intended as a complementary energy healing therapy. When using energy healing, or any form of alternative medicine, you should always continue to seek and follow the advice of your qualified medical practitioner.

The Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment Patch Knows Fibromyalgia

Hello, and welcome to Fibromyalgia Treatment - Chi Energy 4 Vitality.

Here you will a new fibromyalgia treatment service that may shock you with it's ease of application and effectiveness.

That's because my Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment places energy medicine front and center as the best therapy for fibromyalgia syndrome and it's close cousin, chronic fatigue syndrome (MC/CFS).

Fibromyalgia is a painful debilitating chronic condition with no apparent cause or cure.

Fibromyalgia, like life, is complex.

So complex that your quest for effective fibromyalgia

treatment has probably required you to seek a

multifaceted treatment program for your  fibromyalgia

symptoms which include:


  • tender points


  • fatigue


  • wide spread pain


  • brain fog


  • depression


  • insomnia


What you may have overlooked is the fact that your

two major symptoms are in essence energetic:


  • fatigue


  • tender points


Overall there are at least seventy fibromyalgia



While it should be intuitively obvious that the best way to

treat an energy crisis is with energy, very few in Western

society would draw that conclusion.


Even fibromyalgia sufferers who actively seek

alternative medicine or natural fibromyalgia remedies

rarely consider any form of energy healing other than



Having such a limited treatment scope is a problem for

every fibromyalgia patient.


In your quest for wellness you may be oblivious to the

very thing that will dramatically improve your health.


Most if not all fibromyalgia treatment strategies are

deficient in restoring vitality and energy. 


Without a fibromyalgia cure, the goal of your treatment is

simply to improve your quality of life.


With your energy requirements usually being ignored or

improperly treated, your chances of improvement are



Rest assured that it's not your fault since you probably

haven't a clue about subtle energy and it's relationship to

your health.


In fact, perhaps your biggest obstacle to finding effective

fibromyalgia treatment is your social conditioning.


In the Western world we have been conditioned to

expect pharmaceutical companies to research an illness

and come up with a pill to handle it.


Our expectations remain high even though it is evident

that chronic illness in our society is increasing.


As a society we are getting sicker and sicker despite a

flood of new and rehashed drugs.


Just look at how fibromyalgia drugs are marketed on TV.


Alluring voices graphically explaining all the potential side

effects to the sound of enchanting background music and

beautiful optics.


Apparently you can talk people into anything if you create

the right atmosphere.


But the facts are startling.


Currently there are over nine

million fibromyalgia sufferers in the United States.


Canada has one million fibromyalgia sufferers.


Worldwide the number exceeds three hundred million.


So, how has this pharmaceutical approach to treatment

worked for your fibromyalgia so far?


If you're like most, not so good.


There are three FDA approved drugs for fibromyalgia and

the results are in.


Of the fibromyalgia patients that use these drugs only

10% find them effective, primarily for pain.


To top it off, these drugs can have serious side effects

and are expensive; 500 bucks a month on average.


Let's face it.


You're going to have to look beyond traditional medicine

for effective fibromyalgia treatment.


Pharmaceuticals just aren't working out.


Since we know how fibromyalgia is often treated here in

the West, how about looking at an Eastern inspired


 Fibromyalgia Pain


Fibromyalgia pain relief and fatigue management are at

the core of every treatment for fibromyalgia, but they

tend to be based on a limited medical mechanistic model.Fibromyalgia isolation and despair


An interactive mind

body model for pain

was introduced a few

decades ago.


While this model has

had it's apparent

successes, it's

implementation can be

a bit much if

you're severely afflicted

with fibromyalgia brain

fog and fatigue.


The stark truth is that many fibromyalgia sufferers are

disabled and need help.


Many can't perform simple tasks that most of us take for



There are even some fibromyalgia sufferers who do not

respond to any treatment regimen.


A multidimensional model for fibromyalgia is warranted

where energy healing stands front and center.


Energy healing, though generally overlooked by Western

medicine, is central in many Eastern systems of health


Some examples that have been used by fibromyalgia

patients include acupuncture, Reike, Yoga, and Tai Chi.


The catalyst for these energetic modalities is known by

many names including chi, qi, vital power, life force,

prana, mana, qudra, orgone, od and subtle energy.


I prefer the terms chi and vital power.


To illustrate the importance of chi in Eastern culture,

consider that the Chinese have writing characters that

denote chi levels and their relationship to health.


The Chinese also have a dynamic pain perspective.


They view pain as a consequence of blocked chi energy.


As their saying goes; "When chi energy flows there is no



Almost every culture has a name for this vital power

which we in the West tend to ignore.


Lack of recognition aside, the evidence for chi energy

cannot be disputed.


All living beings have a subtle energetic circulation

system generally referred to as the aura.


Other terms commonly used are energy body, biofield,

and energy field.


While these terms are fairly good at describing your

energetic containment vessel, they don't describe it's



Eastern medicine and energy healing simply postulate

that when your subtle energetic system becomes

compromised, a myriad of symptoms and disease will



The nature of the ensuing symptoms and disease

depends on your genetic predisposition.


For many it's fibromyalgia and related conditions.


However, as evidenced by the 130,000,000 million

Americans with one or more chronic illnesses, there are

plenty of illness options for blocked and depleted energy



It's natural for your energy field to gradually diminish

over time.


In fact the most common correlation with a diminished

energy field is old age.


However, fibromyalgia isn't so benign and gradual. It

doesn't respect age.


This syndrome affects women and men of all ages,

though most of it's victims are women between the ages

of thirty and fifty.


Multidimensional Treatment For Fibromyalgia


From an energetic perspective humans are not merely

mechanistic, but are conceived of as multidimensional

beings.Mind, body and soul


We consist of a physical body

endued with soul and



The fact that we are body,

soul, and spirit is generally

accepted worldwide, even

here in the West.


Yet when we become

physically ill our focus tends

to be only on our physical



It's generally assumed that

your thoughts and emotions originate in your mind.


However, that assumption is too general since from an

energetic perspective you have several energetic layers

including a spiritual, mental, and emotional body.


Spirit is the finest of the energy bodies.


Treatment for fibromyalgia, and other diseases that are

hard to categorize and cure, must begin at this level to

ensure effective alleviation of your symptoms.


This is where energy healing shines.


Effective treatment for fibromyalgia and related

conditions require something beyond the limited scope of

traditional medicine's focus on the physical body.


Eastern cultures have known for ages that healing is

accelerated with energy.


This is why acupuncture and chakra healing were

developed; to address the energetic needs of the human



We in the West are just beginning to understand.


It's generally thought that probable causes of

fibromyalgia are emotional and environmental stress.


Surgery, trauma, repetitive injury, and heart break also

appear to be fibromyalgia precursors.


Now let me ask you; what's the first thing that you

experience when undergoing stress, trauma, or even

heart break?




You experience an energy crisis.


Your first line of defense for any assault upon your

person, mental or physical, is your subtle energy system.


Fibromyalgia Causes: An Energetic Perspective


Eastern cultures view energy and matter as axis points of

a continuous spectrum.


Based upon the assumptions of Eastern medicine, the

human subtle energy system can be divided into three

components:Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment works through your energy body (Aura).


The energetic envelope

commonly known

as the aura or



The breath body of the

yogis also known as

the meridians in

Chinese medicine...


The power centers

known as chakras...


Blockages within your meridians and chakras

will disrupt your energy flow and eventually cause you

pain and fatigue.


Eventually these blockages will lead to physical



Now if all of that wasn't enough, there is another

energetic issue that further complicates matters for

fibromyalgia patients.


That issue is chi energy depletion.


Your energy can't flow if you don't have much to begin



This is the situation for fibromyalgia and MECFS patients.


It's also the reason why acupuncture, though useful, is

not as effective as it used to be a century ago.


For some reason fibromyalgia sufferers are no longer

able to extract the chi energy their body needs from diet

and breathing.


This makes you chi energy deficient.


Since chi energy interpenetrates your entire being and

circulates through your blood, any chi deficit robs all your

organs of their intrinsic vitality.


Everything still functions, but at a vastly diminished level.


It's like having the body of a sickly eighty year old when

you're forty.


Instead of thriving on chi energy, you barely exist on

adrenal energy.


Your subtle energetic system has suffered a complete



When fibromyalgia is viewed from an

energetic perspective, the correct treatment options

become much clearer.


As a fibromyalgia patient you need continuous subtle

energy enhancement to alleviate your symptoms.


And not just any subtle energy enhancement, but one

that fully utilises the potential of chi energy to

communicate specific healing instructions to your body.


A comprehensive fibromyalgia treatment must include:


  • removal of your energy blockages 


  • an enhancement of your vital power


  • revivification of your endocrine system


  • revivification of your organs


As a fibromyalgia patient you need an energetic

treatment plan that can be implemented daily.


Sure, Reiki and other healing techniques can help.


However, it should be noted that a few energy healing

sessions a month won't do you much good in the long



The question that begs asking is how in the world do you

get the chi energy enhancement you need on a daily

basis without obliterating your bank account?


Well, that's what my Dynamic Fibromyalgia

Treatment Patch is all about.


I provide you with a simple inexpensive means of

restoring your energetic health and alleviating your

fibromyalgia symptoms.


Something that most fibromyalgia patients cannot do for



Chi Energy Treatment For Fibromyalgia


Your chi energy is indispensable for your very survival.

It is the most dynamic component of your biofield.chi energy

Chi energy is more vital to us than the air we breathe.

Look at it this way. 

If for some reason you were denied food, you could possibly survive for several weeks.

Take away water and your survival time is reduced to several days.

Take away air and you will have just minutes to live.

Take away your chi energy, your vital power, and you will cease to exist instantly.

To further illustrate this point, let's use the example of a home purchase. 

A fixer upper at that.

Picture a scenario where you bought this house that was a great deal for the money.

It needed three major improvements; the kitchen, bathroom, and foundation.

You decide to remodel the rooms leaving the foundation to a later date.

As time passes you neglect to repair your foundation.

One day there's a relatively mild earth quake and your house falls to pieces.

So it is with your body and chi energy. 

As your chi energy wanes, as it does with age, stress, illness, and other environmental factors, so does your quality of life.

Eventually high levels of inflammation manifest.

You suffer energy blockages at all levels and disease arrives.

Today this once natural process is happening far earlier than it should as is evidenced by the sharp rise in chronic conditions over the last thirty tears. 

Nine to fifteen million Americans suffer from fibromyalgia, of which eighty to ninety percent are women.

Ninety percent of those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome are also women.

All of these patients have one thing in common.

Their basic foundation for health and wellbeing, chi energy, is severely depleted and in some cases nearly exhausted.


Fibromyalgia Treatment Made Simple


Here at Fibromyalgia Treatment - Chi Energy 4 Vitality, my Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment knows neither time nor space.

As long as you have my Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment Patch on your person, you will be the recipient of powerful structured chi energy healing where ever you are.Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment rtransfer diagram (Vitality Pass)

The treatment strategy that I am offering is so simple to execute that I call it The Zen of Fibromyalgia Treatment. 

Effective and affordable fibromyalgia treatment is now available to everyone, anywhere.

Replenishing your chi energy and restoring your vitality has never been so convenient, and accessible.

I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Go ahead, sign up for your Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment today.

Also, please be sure to check out my articles for several natural fibromyalgia treatment strategies and other energy healing information.

Brace yourself!

Your enlightenment is at hand!